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The information on this website is to help you break free
from the fear and panic caused by spiders and live altogether happier lives

List Of Recommended Web Sites

Some useful websites to aid in your spider free quest...

UK based site. Here you will find some ingenious sticky spider traps that you place around the entrances to your rooms. Gives you total peace of mind, very clever, but there is always that tricky moment where you have to dispose of the bodies in the morning!
Still gets my vote though as these are very effective at trapping spiders.

A wealth of information here on many pests (obviously including the spider) in several countries too. Has a very useful (but also very scary) spider identification page where there a pictures of all the nasty spiders commonly found. Eeeeuuughhh!

Another useful site where you can search around for spider bashing products and advice.

Let John Ellis cure you of your phobia with his masterful 'Time Line Therapy'.
John guarantees that once you are accepted as a client he will work with you at the standard fixed cost until your spider phobia has disappeared. He can't say fairer than that can he?

This Spiderex spider deterrent spray totally eradicates spider infestation along with all problems spiders cause including spider webs and build up of any spider related material. Apparently, once sprayed on an area it will be effectively treated from any spider infestation for up to 8 months and leaves no lasting residue or discolouration of surfaces.

A website specifically devoted to complete mental heath news & resources

A useful phobia forum where you can chat about all kinds of different phobias that you might have. It is amazing how many fears we all have out there, and this is the site to discuss, learn and help each other a lot.




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