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Spider Catchers

NEW OUT !! - Spider Catcher Deluxe

Cool spider vacuum !

Check this out - true spider catching heaven...
It will not only suck the pesky spiders up, but it zaps them with electricity once they're inside the chamber! Then you can be sure that they will not ever come back at you.
There's also an internal trap door that will stop the spider from crawling back out before it is sucked to its electric doom.

The rubber tip is flexible to reach right in the corners that our spider enemies like to lurk. 
Plus the nozzle is fully extendable so you don't have to get too close to the beasts. The final icing on the cake is that this is rechargeable, so you never have the additional worry of the batteries running out just when you don't want them too.
As far as I know, these are only available in the US (so 110v only).



The Original Spider Catcher

Spider Catcher

The world famous spider catcher has been around a while now, but it still has it's place. If you don't have it in you to kill these eight legged beasts then you need one of these in your life.
They enable you to pick up the spider at arms length and then place it outside unharmed. Personally, not my style - I want to see a permanent removal of spiders me, but hey ho, I can understand the concept of letting nature be... just not very good at it, that's all !

These spider catchers can be ordered and delivered to US and EU.




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