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The information on this website is to help you break free
from the fear and panic caused by spiders and live altogether happier lives

Recommended Products

Here's a list of products that I would personally recommend you try in the persuite of a spider free life.


  • Spider Catchers
    Scared to pick up a spider, or even get too close? Then you definitely need one of these.
  • Electronic Repellers
    Technology finally working for us. I have just one of these in my house I can personally vouch for their effectiveness.
  • Spider Sprays
    A selection of the best anti spider sprays. They not only kill spiders on impact but leave a residue that stops their spider friends from coming back too. Great!
  • Spider Traps
    Set these traps up around the perimeter of the rooms you want to protect and enjoy total peace of mind. Well, untill you have to dispose of the trapped beasts that is!
  • Hedge Balls
    Apparantly these freaky looking fruits have some kind of mystical power over our spider enemies. Worth a try in my book. US only though as far as I know.
  • Chemicals
    When all other methods are failing, it's time to get out the big guns! With names like Delta Dust and Cobweb Eliminator, these just have to be good, right?

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