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Spider Games

A little bit of spider related fun for you if you ever get bored!

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Mighty Spider 
This is good. You are (unfortunately) the spider. Shoot a web with the mouse button and it sticks to the object fired up. Hang on by holding down the mouse button and you can swing and climb up to get to other levels

I Hate Spiders
I like the title of this game! And it's actually quite good.
A kind of space invaders type game where you are the fly at the bottom and you get to shoot the creepy spiders that are crawling down the web towards you. Quite addictive.

Spider Attack 
Again you are the spider. Simply eat up the flies and avoid getting shot by lasers.

Rainbow Spider
Takes ages to load but is quite good when it gets there. Looks and plays like the Mighty Spider game above except the spider quite strangely seems to have a little boys face. Weird stuff. 

Not so much as a game but THE SCARIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A COMPUTER. An amazingly lifelike animated Tarantula that you can manipulate and drag around by its legs.
Yuuuukkkkkk. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

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