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Collectively helping people who hate spiders

The information on this website is to help you break free
from the fear and panic caused by spiders and live altogether happier lives

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Ok, hands up, its more like just me really
although my boyfriend does do all the
technical stuff for me so he is involved
too whether he likes it or not!
Nikki Fox

I'm Nikki Fox and I hate spiders.

Spiders are very scary and have the capacity to ruin my day quite easily.
I know I am not alone in this so I decided to create this web site to help all the other fellow sufferers out there in the world.

On this site you will find tips that I have picked up over the years that will help you in your own personal spider battles and will show you how you can take action yourself to stop spiders getting near you in the future.

Also out the book I have written 'Save Me From The Spiders' which is featured in the Stop Spiders section on the left. I contains all my useful tips and information in one book and will save you a lot of time and effort in your quest to stop the spider menace.

Any questions, advice or general comments then please feel free to contact me using the email address below.

Nikki Fox

email: nikki@spiderpanic.com

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