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Collectively helping people who hate spiders

The information on this website is to help you break free
from the fear and panic caused by spiders and live altogether happier lives

Do You Hate Spiders?
If so, you are definitely not alone...Nikki Fox

I hate spiders too!
In fact, over 50% of the world's
population suffer from arachnophobia.

Yes, that's right, more than half of the people on this planet hate spiders!

  Nikki Fox
author 'Save Me From The Spiders'

How can we stop them?

Because of my own fear of spiders I have spent the last five years researching all the available methods out there to stop spiders in their tracks and prevent them from getting near us and ruining our daily lives.

Some methods are common sense and others use all the current technology available to control spider occurrences and to deal with them if they dare show their ugly faces to us.

Thanks to my spider controlling methods, my life is practically spider free now and my house is a much calmer place to be - just ask my boyfriend!

What do we do now?

You will find a lot of information throughout this website that will help you become as skilled as myself at preventing beastly spiders from getting near you or your home.

But if you want a lazier fast-track way to get all this knowledge quickly then just press the magic button below and change your life forever...

Oh, and feel free to contribute...
This website is for everybody to share. If you have information on spiders, spider fear or spider control then please leave your comments on my special blog site (link on left hand edge of this site).
This way thousands of fellow arachnophobes can share your knowledge and we can make this the best and most authoritative spider website on the planet! 
To your spider free life
Nikki Fox
PS. I have tried to avoid any photos or images of spiders on this entire website but there are a couple of pages to avoid if you really don't want to see anything too scary.
These pages do have a clear warning placed on the link before you  get to open the page though so do look out for those and be careful!

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